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Fantasy survival game

Valheim is a game that combines survival and exploration elements. Inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture, this action game takes you to a fantasy world where you must defeat the mighty beasts of the land. Only by winning against these beasts will you win favor from the gods of the Norse world. You must search far and wide to craft powerful weapons, build unyielding castles, and sail longships. The further you are from the center of Valheim, the more challenging the world becomes. But, you can expect far better rewards at the end of each quest. 

Rewarding and in-depth gameplay

Players that are interested in exploring a fantasy world inspired by the myths of North Germanic people and Scandanavian folklore should play Valheim. You will begin your adventure at the center of Valheim, a place of peace and order. But, a series of events push you towards entering Valhalla. You must prove yourself worthy in the tenth Norse world by defeating mythical monsters and beasts. Your victory is crucial to earning favor from the gods. Without it, your soul will be tormented for centuries in the underworld. 

Of course, it’s impossible to play this game perfectly. Sure, you can retrieve your possessions after your death, as they should be in the location where you had passed away. However, there are limitations to this. Your corpse - along with your belongings - will disappear after some time. You must learn to survive by forging your weapons and unlocking your recipes. Without this, you will find it difficult to survive the wilderness alone. Your survival will depend on how well you can traverse the wilderness for seeds, and which bosses you can summon through those ancient seeds. It will be a tedious gaming experience, but each victory reaps useful rewards


  • Comprehensive storyline
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Lackluster themes

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